Introduction: Linkit One - Comparison With Shields

Linkit one is a nice pack of all Antennae and in build shields to make many mobile devices. With just 59$ it provide the facility of around 214$. With lot of integrated boards its stand as an unique board. Even make mobile phone with easy addition of touch LCD display board. In the hand of Hobbits it take many forms. Lets see the additional features compare to other micro controllers in the same range.

Most important one is library. Don't want to search library files in net for each modules. All the libraries are found in one pack for the sensors and modules supply with Lit it one.

Step 1: GPS Shield

GPS (Graphical Positioning system) is a navigation system used to find the exact position in the world. Now a days it plays a major role in the mobile technology. In all smart phones to Digital camera GPS are one of the essential thing now. Normal GPS module cost around 15$.

In Linkit one GPS module is inbuilt and GPS antenna is provided with the kit. Just pin the GSM Antenna in the back side of the board marked as GSM ANT. All is done. Include the file LGPS.h in the program, Use the Poweron function in the start up to switch on the GPS. use the GPS functions to fetch the current latitude, longtitude and date and time.

Applications able to develop

1) Track Ur self using google map API.

2) Track some one by get their current latitude and Longtitude.

Step 2: GSM Shield

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is used to connect with mobile network and make voice call, Send/receive SMS and also surfing internet. This Shield alone cost 75$.

GPS module comes with Linkit one. With GPS and GSM module we make tracking application very easy. For GSM connection a sim card slot is provided on the back side of the Linkit one board. A GSM antenna is also provided for better network coverage. Use LGSM.h header file to make voice calls and SMS. Use LGPRS.h, LGPRSClient.h, LGPRSServer.h header files to connect with internet and use as web server or client. Very easy Examples are also provided with the library

Applications able to develop

1) Make ur own mobile phone.

2) GPS Trackking system in combination with GPS module.

3) SMS alert system Like wise lot and lot of new ideas are process.

Step 3: WIFI Shield

WIFI (wireless fidelity) is a Local wireless connectivity. We can able to connect any instruments through WIFI. Connect with internet is also possible through WIFI. WIFI shield is around 70$.

WIFI module is inbuit with linkit one and a WIFI antenna is also provided to connect with the WIFI moderm. Now a days WIFI web providers are available to access internet with in the city. So use wifi module to connect with Internet and act as web server and client. Also in most of the latest mobile we have WIFI hot spot. Use that wifi hot spot to directly connect ur mobile to the Linkit one. Thus no need for external wifi moderm. Use LWiFi.h, LWiFiClient.h, LWiFiServer.h header files to connect with wifi and also to internet to send and receive internet packets.

Applications able to develop

1) WIFI based web server.

2) Home automation to control using mobile to PC.

3) Share file store in memory card through wifi server. Like wise lot of other projects.

Step 4: Bluetooth Shield

Bluetooth is a short range wireless connectivity. Now a days blue tooth is used for lot of hobby projects. Smartphone + bluetooth module makes hobbyist more fun by making remote control projects like robotics etc. Bluetooth shield alone is cost around 20$.

Bluetooth module is also available with Linkit one. Blue tooth also share the same antenna with WIFI. Just pin the antenna as shown in the figure and use the blue tooth module using the header files LBT.h, LBTClient.h, LBTServer.h to send and receive data. Even files are also send and receive through Blue tooth. If u are a android developer then use both the code to control instruments remotely, even if not lot of apps android available freely on internet just download that app and program in link it in as per the details provided with the app.

Applications able to develop

1) Home automation.

2) Mobile control cars.

3) Buetooth Control locks.

Step 5: SD Card Shield

SD (Secure Digital) card module is used to store data in sd card from program. It is plays a major role in combination with all other modules. Used with GPS to store the time to time location. Used with GSM module to store html files and used as web server. used to store phone book. Like wise lot and lot of use. Its alone nearly 12$.

On the back side of the board below the GSM sim card holder SD card holder is provided. insert a micro SD card in the holder. Use LSD.h, LStorage.h, LFlash.h header files to store and retrieve data from micro sd card.

Applications able to develop
1) Data logger to save sensor values.

2) Save HTML file and read it with GPS or WIFI modules.

3) Store program variables in the SD card and use it while running

4) Make mp3 player like wise

Step 6: Conclusion

If we purchase all the modules given before it is

Microcontroller - 22.00$

WIFIshield - 70.00$

Blue tooth shield - 20.00$

GPS Shield - 15.00$

GSM Shield - 75.00$

SD Card Shield - 12.00$


Total - 214 $


Link it one board with GPS, GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, SD card is 59$. So conclude ur self.

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