Introduction: Linkit One-IR Remote Control Digital ON/OFF

Its remote world now. Now a days humans become very lazy to getup and switch on off the light, Fan, Tv etc. We also make man lazy with the same idea of using Link it one. Just use a remote control to turn on and off the electronics appliances around u.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Linkit one board

2) Infrared Receiver diode.

3) LED lights (for real application use Relay module)

4) Remote control.

5) Breadboard (for real application use PCB)

Only relay module and PCB is difference for Testing and Real application.

Step 2: IR Sensor Setup

1) Before Programming want to test the IR receiver.

2) Also want to take the reading of each pin.

3) For that connect the first pin to the GND, Second pin to +5V and Third pin to Digital pin 2(Use only digital pin 2 because it is assigned in the library).

Step 3: Testing Code to Know Remote Unique Value

1) Download the IR remote library from here.

2) Paste it in C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\mtk\libraries.

3) Example Code with the library have errors.

4) So use the IRCatcher (downloaded from internet) code attached with this step.

5) Upload the code.

6) Open the serial viewer in the IDE.

7) Press the remote buttons to get its value in the serial port.

8) Note down the value.

9) Value for my remote control is added here.

So readings taken. Its time to test the output.

Step 4: Digital IO Setup

1) Connect LED +ve lead to the digital pins. I use pin 3 to 12.

2) Connect LED -ve lead to the Gnd using bread board.

3) Already IR receiver is connected. So the circuit is ready.

For real Application

For real world application use 12v Relay module. In the 12 v relay module u have 3 pins.

1. DC 12 V positve - Use external 12V dc adapter.

2 GND - Use external 12V dc adapter.

3 Signal - Given from digital pin.

Step 5: Controller Code

1) Assign a array fro 10 digital pins.

2) Set all the array value to 0.

3) If the Ir signal received. Get the unique value in to a variable.

4) Use select case with the reading we already taken, find the button number.

5) Check the number status in array.

6) Flip the status in the array and Flip the condition of the Pin.

All done. Just simple code to explain the IR Controller. U also dim and bright the light using the Remote.

Step 6: Testing Result

1) I link 0 to 9 in the remote button with 3 to 12 digital pins.

2) So by press each switch it switch on/off that equivalent digital pin.

Use it for many real world projects. More economy and reduce time for designing new projects with Keys. I already develop a project Water level controller with remote settings change. Like wise home automation, pranks, Robotics etc. are done.

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