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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

First please let me introduce myself, I am a maker teacher from a small city. my children and I like to do some interesting things, especially with the omnipotent Tinkercad to create some new things bring us so much surprise, today I will share through Tinkercad software, very easy to make a very interesting skateboards, let's get started!

- the rider -

This is a very simple, you don't worry about how he's complicated, first of all, you need a notebook, open a browser to, then you need to draw myself a pattern you like, then we will by 2 d drawings into 3 d model, after printing, assembly, paint, ok, here I will tell you the production steps in detail, do an interesting skateboard!



1. TINKERCAD ( + 2 D drawings

2. Print and assemble

3. Polish and paint

4. Field test

5. Go to instructables to share the most interesting creations, like instructables and TINKERCAD

Tools needed:

1.10mm solid round steel bar

2. Super glue

3. Sandpaper and spray paint

Step 1: ​CAD(

First draw the design drawing, this is very critical, you have the design drawing and then through TINKERCAD modeling is very efficient and convenient;

The original design drawing size is 130cm×36cm. I divided them into sections

The printer I chose this time is 250mm×250mm.

I reinforced the inside of the model with a solid round steel rod with a diameter of 10mm.

The printing time is about 130 hours.

TINKERCAD source model:

Step 2: Assembly (5 Hours)

This process is very exciting, I really tired, due to the asymmetry of two rod, do you want to put two steel bar in them you have to keep balance, my advice is to complete a root, ensure good place reserved for the second root steel, holes to align, I use this assembly for five hours, really very, very difficult, because of printing consumables heat bilges cold shrink, calculation of deviation is also very important, please pay attention to the error of calculation, I use the alcohol lamp to heat the steel bar, it will take it easy, I finally saw a mouth smile of a lion, I feel it's all worth it, because I love it, Thanks TINKERCAD for bringing me so many surprises and creating so many impossible things. Make it that easy.

Step 3: Grinding + Painting

It is not difficult to fill some missing parts before polishing, and then use sandpaper to polish them, and then make some eye design. I wanted to spray a flame before, but I thought about it, because it is a skateboard, I still choose a darker color, black + red + gold.

However, the spray paint should be layered. First, black should be sprayed, then red should be sprayed with adhesive tape, and then the golden part should be colored with a brush. I spent three days to finish the color spraying and sprayed it three times. The results have been very successful.

(when installing the printed wheel, as the width of the skateboard is 36cm, I was worried that the wheel would grind the skateboard when turning, so I designed a small base with a height of 1cm, which was very good in the field test, and there was no impact on the turning).

Base link:

Step 4: Field Testing

The test result is very good. The special trample position of the rear foot is very successful, comfortable and stable. My weight is 74KG, and the board is very strong in field test.

Step 5: Go to Instructables and Share Some of the Funniest Creations

Thanks to Instructables team, thanks to Instructables team, thanks to Instructables team, thanks to TINKERCAD, thanks to AUTODESK, Never Say die.

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