Introduction: Lipo Battle Bot

My robot was a very basic design that you at home can build off of for a different model. It has a flat metal sheet bottom with a cone on the nose for the battery protection. It's very night weight so it can move around swiftly. Electronics are exposed but can be corrected with a series of corrections.


Metal sheet

Motor controller


Lipo Battery

RC Controller


Hot Glue Zip Ties (tie down electronics)

Step 1: Build

Cut your metal to a long board with a triangle length is at your discretion. And you can use the triangle pieces from your cut as the cone for the Battery protectors. cut a piece of foam core so the electronics aren't on bare metal.

Step 2: Electronics

The Lipo will run to your motor controllers which will run to your receiver. These motor controllers will run to your motors which control your wheels.The receiver will run to your controller.

Step 3: Wheel

The wheels placement is very simple. You want them places in the rear of the robot to let the front drag on the floor. This also makes flipping other robots easier.