Introduction: Liquid Crystals

An experiment with liquids led me to the result of 'liquid crystals'. If you take a closer look, you can see the crystals are made from gelatin. Follow the next steps to create a liquid crystal!

Step 1: Gelatin

First make the gelatin as indicated on the packaging. For one crystal you need just one or two sheets of gelatin. Soak in water, then heat the sheets with 5 spoons water in a pan and mix until it is a smooth jelly.

Step 2: Mold

I made a 'mold' from the tip of a plastic bag, a funnel and a cup, to poor the gelatin into.

Step 3: Color

Add some color to make the crystal complete! I used pink and green ecoline (ink) to drip into the gelatin.
After that you can put it into the refrigerator.

Step 4: Ready!

Step 5: Extra Experiment With Food Coloring

Members like Radiograf and Fixfireleo gave me the tip to try food coloring instead of ink, so the crystals are edible.
The problem with food coloring is that the colors 'sink', you can see this in the first photo.
A little stirring helps. The colors aren't like the ink, but are great if you want to decorate a cake or something like that!

Another nice idea is to use jelly.