Introduction: Listening to G-Code and the PrintrBot Simple (1403)

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First off...

  1. We need a 3D Printer.
  2. We need software.
  3. We need a lesson in instruction or a remarkable way of performing actions.



Step 1: RE: Repetier V1.0.6 and USB to PrintrBot Simple (1403)/Getting Things Started


Please download Repetier-Host at for whatever system you have, e.g. Windows, Linux, and/or iOS). There is a help page for downloading this software and past Repetier-Host software at Just look around.

Now...we will need a 3D Printer. I have chosen the PrintrBot Simple (1403). So...we will need to plug in the PrintrBot Simple into an outlet and plug the other cord into the computer via USB.

After your download takes place, you should have Repetier-Host V1.0.6 like I have. I am sure this is their latest software image. Oh and download the Slic3r too. This slicer will help with commands, setting 3D prints up, and it will come in handy. So, make sure to get the Repetier software and the additional slicer called Slic3r.

After this initial set-up, we are taking matters into our own hands. Nothing is perfect and in a real-world situation where heat is applied indoors, there are always concerns. Be careful of your extruder. It gets hot, hot, hot!



Step 2: Making Sure Things Are Adjusting Correctly/Forever and Always

Hello Again,

Once you have fed the PLA filament through the extruder after your extruder has heated, push some of the filament through to give you an idea of how it works.

You can add brown, black, blue, and/or whatever color you choose as your filament color. Just make sure you are using the correct filament size for your specific 3D Printer. we are off to another page online where we will be downloading our G-Code into a specific area in our software (Repetier-Host).

You can download the Fan Shroud at Go to STEP 9 and enjoy their free download. It is under Step 9 and it says Fan Shroud. There are more ideas and efforts geared towards people that follow instruction well on their site (

The fan shroud sure start printing if you have and only if you have:

  1. Plugged in both adapter cords, downloaded the software (Repetier-Host), and are using a 3D Printer. Oh and there is a section in the top-left part of Repetier-Host where you would point and click to CONNECT.
  2. Added your filament after the extruder has heated.
  3. Added your G-Code to the software editor under where G-Code is supposed to go...

With these steps in mind, you can click on PREVIEW and then G-CODE EDITOR to add your Fan Shroud G-Code.

Step 3: RE: Waiting and Watching/Checking and Making the Print

Hello Everyone,

You may know me from "Hunting for Rats" and/or "Making Shoe Polish." I start and stop things that I find interesting and when, only when, I find out that there are no more interesting things, I will choose and pick my favorite.

3D Printing is for all age groups, all groups, and for adults that are enthusiasts or professional.

So...wait and watch as your G-Code takes hold and "molds" you a new piece. This new piece may take somewhere of about an hour and a half to about two hours.

If you choose to wait and stay patient, your 3D object will print and you can add your Fan Shroud to the fan on the printer. Since I was using the PrintrBot Simple (1403), I have a square area on the outside of my fan where this shroud will go and be placed. I will have to screw in the shroud and tighten it with nuts.

I feel as though I missed some opportunities during my explanations to be more descriptive. Anyway...enjoy the last couple of minutes and your Repetier-Host software will state how long the print actually takes, how much time is left, and you can find that in the software (GUI) on the bottom-right corner... that now the print should be complete after the suggested time, we can look at our final object.



Step 4: RE: the Shroud/The Fan Shroud "That Is..."

Hello Again,

This is your lucky instructor for a print that will most definitely be described by another in a more welcomed manner. So, you can see clearly that this is a shroud and it is really for the 3D Printer PrintrBot Simple (1403).

It goes on the outside of the fan (I assume).

Well, it has been nice trying to relay information from one Internet site after another. Remember that better instructions are made available by people that know how to code, manufacture, and assemble in a more professional way at and this should make my day.

If there are any questions, please see their site. I state this idea because I can barely remember what transpired during my first and only print. I will get better at description in the meantime and explain how or why things take place with the PrintrBot Simple (1403) in time.



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