Introduction: Rats!

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Most people think of Louisiana as a rat haven where large, swamp rats rule everyone. This is no so much a lie but we find the wee bit rats as well. Garden variety rats are well established here and during this presentation is when I will keep up the good faith on, yes, RATS!

Please enjoy...

Step 1: RE: Hunting Rats in Your Back Yard Could Not Be More Difficult/Patience!


Wait...Hello again.

Okay now here we go. First, locating specific areas where you can imagine the most gruesome, wild beast residing is the best bet.

Corners, large dens, under structures like sheds or the house, and alongside roots of trees producing rotten fruit are great for starters. These "starters" are most likely where you would find a "gruesome, wild beast" and/or RAT! should we go about looking in corners and alongside rotten, fruit baring trees? This is a great starter question but the kicker will be the end result.

First, please look and do not corner these scary beasts. Rats are infamous for cowering and they are always the "first to jump ship." This euphemism, "jump ship," is exactly what you think it may be. When the ships are going under in the water, rats will be the first entity to evade the water engulfing the ship and/or boat. So, for pointers, if you are on a ship and/or boat, please follow the rat, e.g. no drowning is allowed.

Okay...we should have checked for the rat in these very suspicious places. Since we have checked those places, we can now move forward...

Step 2: RE: Really Sticking With It and Paying Extra-Close Attention

Hello Everyone...

It is me again, Seth. If you are scared of hairy beasts, this RATS presentation may not be suited for you.

Let me reiterate a certain point again. Never corner a rat. These animals are professionals at escape routes and if you are a human in the way of that rat's escape route, you may find yourself with a healthy gash from a claw or bite.

Okay...okay. So...back to it.

Look, listen, learn! These three steps will keep you in the mood, especially if you are still wanting to attract the gruesome beast we all know as RATS!

Look: check your most vulnerable points of interest.

Listen: Know the sounds of your domain.

Learn: Use your memory to notice subtle changes in the environment that surrounds you.

We all know that taking time out to search out rats usually is not a Grand Escape from reality. I would like to further examine RATS!

Step 3: RE: Under the Structure and Away From the Obvious

Once Again...hello,

Check your surroundings, especially around rotten fruit that may be laying around.

Rats and rotten fruit are best buds in the life of a RAT!

Now...we have surely checked out most locations involving the surrounding environment and have kept our brains (our learning tool) to keep up with what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what we all believe will lead us to the RAT or RATS!

Please do not waste your time looking on mowed grass, your back porch, and/or Conifer Trees. Although the last option is way out of the realm of what we consider kosher for rats, trees can sometimes give rats fruit, food, and nutrition (BARK).

So...studying our locale (usually the back yard) and staying patient in the hunt will keep our endeavors open and objective. Subjective options for the search should be the mowed grass we discussed earlier and flat, open areas.

Step 4: RE: Rats and Trees

This photograph says rats do like trees.

Oh and hello again...

Sit, do not make a sound, and learn to look objectively. Seeking out RATS can be as basic as one, two, three or it can alleviate hours of introvert behavior by lashing out with your pupils. Seek thy rat and he shall find life!

Barely noticeable is this recluse, the RAT. In a tree you may ask...yes. In a tree is where this rat has been located. I watched like I was describing and I stayed on the "down-low" to keep things quiet and collective.

Louisiana is not all that famous but we are infamous for RATS!

You may ask yourself, "Is that a rat in a tree?" If you are in Louisiana, you can bet that answer is a "big-rat YES!"

I searched and seeking is what I did. I looked and found evidence of my thought process. Droppings here and rotten fruit disappearing was evident. I kept my firm eye to the ground. I could find nothing. Then, yes then, it appeared. Like a squirrel on a limb during the day, this rat showed face during its descent along the top of the chain link fence.

Step 5: RE: RATS of the Mind!

Hello Everyone...

This rat was not going to get the best of me. I knew it was reclusive but it would have to show itself before it died. This rat had all the fruit and bugs one rat could handle.

Along the chain link fence and to the tree with you, RAT!

My patience had paid off. I caught it and the appearance was not at all what I was thinking of when it showed.

I was guessing I could catch it under structures at night, alongside fruit trees, or by setting bait. Bait is for wimps. Real Rat Expertise does not come from bait and trap-like lures.


Step 6: RE: the Finality!

Hello Once and Lastly,

This rat your eyes behold is the seeker of life, the rotten disposal of your surroundings, and it will bring new life to your existence.

Up the tree, RAT! Eat of thy bark! Feast on your fruit! Your dirty, rotten fruit feast is what you desire...

So...back to reality. That is how to catch while seeking instead of trapping and baiting.



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