Introduction: Little Baby Yoda Pet Hat ( With Baby Yoda Plushie)

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Hi everyone! I have today a crochet baby Yoda "the child" pet hat! Now this can fit on most any small pet really, this can fit on a cat or dog and you can adjust the size if you would like one larger. I'm not sure what really inspired this project I just started seeing a bunch of baby Yoda memes online and I thought it would be really cute! I included a plushie that I found a free pattern for online and I (sort of ) modified the coat ( the maker of that pattern will be linked in that section) I hope this can get us crocheter's through some time in quarantine. I hope you enjoy making this goofy pet costume and plush! I am also selling this hat and little plushie on my Facebook page called Every Little Stitch Counts so be sure to check that out!


Yarn: I used Red Heart medium 4, 100% acrylic
Tapestry needle
Your pet

Step 1: The Hat

So, this hat is actually really new to crochet friendly as it is all done in double crochets so it can be made within an hour or so.
Hat: in green
1. Magic ring 12 double crochets
2. chain 2 and increase in every stitch around
3.make one double crochet in one stitch, then make two double crochets in the next.
4-6. Double crochet 3 rows and stop half way at the last row, fasten off and put aside.

Ears:in green
1. Chain 6 then in the 3rd stitch from your hook, crochet 4 double crochets
2. Increase 1 double crochet then double crochet rest
3. Double crochet the whole row except the lat stitch double crochet increase it.
4. Decrease 1 then Double crochet 2 then decrease 1 again
5. Decrease across and then fasten off and sew to the top of your hat.
Straps: in green
Chain 35
Fasten off and attach to hat ( make two)

Step 2: The Baby Yoda

Here is the link to their amazing pattern i am so glad they shared this as a free pattern. All i did to change the robe is when it said single crochet increase for the second time i just tirned it into a single crochet row instead! Well thats it! I hope you enjoyed this pattern please shate your completed pics!


Step 3:

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