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Introduction: Little Handmade Magic Booklet

This is my first Instructable, so be nice to me and good luck with your little booklet.

This little booklet works so that you can open a the first page and soon continue dive in to the mittle of the spread. No one understand how it works. Personally, i use the booklet as a songbook to some of my parties. I write the small songs in my computer and then I print and fold it – very easily. But you can certainly think of some smarter and funnier things to do whit it. However, I think that you probably not will waste the hole day reading a long introduction, so let’s get started.

I let make a template that you can print, cut and fold. One template has the page numbers and one has only the cutting marks.

To do this little booklet you will need:

  • Paper in any size and format, you can find a template for A4 below.
  • A paper cutting mat
  • A paper knife
  • Some tape
  • A ruler (not wood)

Step 1: Print and Cut

OBS: I highly recommend you to use the numbered template when you do this for the first time. That’s because you directly can see if you have done it in the right way.

Print the template on an A4-paper or divide the lying A4 in four columns and three lines. Now you’re going to fold the paper in both directions on all the marks. Then you will cut on the folding lines like a laying “U”. Note that if you use the template you will cut on the folding line and not on the drawn line.

Step 2: Fold and Tape

Lay the paper on a table with the “front page” mark up to the left. Then take the cutaway strip and fold left so that the paper silhouette will be like an ice pow with a short stick. Then fold the left column back and the cutaway strip you fold to left so that the “3rd page right”-mark will be shown. Now the paper will be in just two columns. Fold back the strip and tape the end. Now close the little book and fold it as a sheet.

Step 3: Find Right Page

Now are you done with this easy magic paper booklet. If you open it, you will have the tree front pages. Soon you can open it as a normal book – the first page, left and right. To came to the next page, you must open the middle of the first page, close the book in reverse way. Then open the book as normal – the second page. Wen you’re done reading this side, you close the book completely and open the backside – the third page. Soon, all you must do is close the booklet and you have the last page.

I hope that you can enjoy your own little handmade “magic” booklet. If you have some question – just ask it!

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