Introduction: LittleBits Disco Ball

I'm sure we've all run into this problem.....

You're having a party and say to your friends "I really wish we had a disco ball".

You're wish is our command! You can make this awesome disco ball that recognizes when music is playing and keeps the party going all night long.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Craft Supplies:

Large foam ball

Something reflective to put around foam ball (we used stickers from the dollarstore)


White glue (Aleene's is the BEST)

Glue gun



Power block, sound sensor, neon light-up, dc motor, 1 orange wire

Step 2: Make Your Disco Ball

Cover your styrofoam ball in glue and start placing reflective stickers all around the outside.

Tip: It helps to use a toothpick to move the ball around while the glue dries.

Step 3: Create a Box and Attach Your Disco Ball to the Top

Using scrap cardboard create a box by gluing the sides together with hot glue.

Remove your toothpick and poke it through a rubber band, then attach the toothpick to your disco ball again.

Cut a hole in the top of your box and thread the rubber band through the top.

Step 4: Attach LittleBits

Now it's time to attach your littleBits to the box and the disco ball.

Start with a power bit

Then a sound trigger (this bit will only activate if there is sound in the the sound coming from your sweet audio system).

Then add the light wire.

Then you will need to add and extension wire on so that you can attach the DC motor to the top of the box.

Step 5: Attach Light Wire

Cut small holes in the sides of the box and weave the light wire through the holes. When this light from the wire hits the spinning disco ball. You're in business.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Work!