Introduction: Live Edge Charcuterie Board

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Simple instructions on how to make this live edge charcuterie board from an oak slab.

Step 1: Draw the Outline of the Board

Start by drawing the outline of the handle/curves on the board. Look around and use things with rounded edges to make them perfectly round (lids of cans, tape rolls, etc).

Step 2: Cut Out What You Drew

I used this jigsaw with these blades to cut out the handles that I drew.

Step 3: Plane the Board

I then ran it through my planer.

Step 4: Sand the Edges

I then sanded the edges using these sanding drums. When they're put on a drill press, it makes sanding the edges so easy.

Step 5: Fill the Cracks

I have used this stuff a few times and so far, it's the best I've found to fill small holes/cracks.When paired with the accelerator that they make, you can sand in only 15 minutes!

Step 6: Finish Sanding

Give the whole piece a good sanding. I start at 80 grit, then go to 120, then 220.

I use this orbital sander and I love it as well.

Step 7: Apply the Finish

I use Odie's Oil to finish it - it is food safe and smells so good!