Live Turtle Logo Program Using BT Bot - MyBot

Introduction: Live Turtle Logo Program Using BT Bot - MyBot

After Complete the Line drawing robot, I want to give it to my daughter in upper kindergarten. Now they have no computer subject, but at 3 grade they have Turtle Logo programming classes start. I search through net and found no live Turtle logo bots. I found now a days Scratch is used to teach kids, it make them work easy but reduce their typing and spelling skills. In written exams they can't able to use scratch to explain the codes. So Teach them with fun using Live Turtle logo. For each command with out display in the computer this bot physically react and draw in the floor with any size with in the bluetooth Range. The Program is actually a compiler which transfer your code and send to bot as commands.

Using this Bot teachers able to teach Turtle code for 2nd grade to 6th grade students.

Subject Covered - Computer Science Basic Programming (Turtle Logo)


Bluetooth connected Line Drawing Bot ( See my Trash Built BT Line Drawing-Bot for did your own)

Step 1: How to Construct the Bot

See the above video for how to construct the Bot using trash. If you have 3D printer or laser cutter you use that for easy completion and neat finish. If you want to know the detailed construction watch my other instructables Trash Built BT Line Drawing-Bot.

Step 2: Windows Desktop Program

Here i attached a exe of the Live turtle program. It is developed in 2010. So install the latest version of .net frame work and unzip the file and run this exe. This program not only for Turtle Bot. It has 3 modes, 1st mode is remove control mode using key board or mouse we able to control the bot, 2nd mode is turtle logo progam mode and 3rd mode is line drawing robot mode.

Step 3: Arduino Program

This is also updated Arduino program and this program also respond for 3 modes. First try to upload whole line command from the pc, but if the size of string is high arduino string functions not working properly due to space in arduino is very low. So all the program is executed in the and only cmd send to bot. Before upload the program remove the HC05 bluetooth module from the circuit.

Step 4: Running the Program

1) Switch on the Bluetooth connection of your laptop or PC and pair with HC05.

2) Now connection serial port listed.

3) Run the run bot exe and select the serial port of the bluetooth and click Open port.

4) Now the last used mode appear on the screen. You found a left rotate arrow and right rotate arrow on the top right side of the form. Double click that arrows to go to next mode or previous mode.

5) Now the mode Display is the Turtle Logo mode.

6) You found a command box to enter the command and in the right hand side you found a send button.

7) Below the command box is the command history, If you want to use old command just use up arrow or down arrow to move through commands and that command listed in the command text box.

8) Below the history box you see 3 grid views. For upper grade students you can able to explain how the command is processed step by step.

9) When a command is send the command box locked up to the bot complete the command. Once the bot complete the command it reply and then you able to enter new commands.

Step 5: Turtle Logo Basic Codes

Basic codes for Kids with syntax and short cut given below its not case sensitive but syntax want to be correct.

1) Forward Move

Syntax - Forward

Example - Forward 100 or FD 100

2) Backward Move

Syntax - Backward

Example - Backward 100 or Back 100 or BK 100

3) Pen Up

Syntax - Penup

Example - Penup or PU

4) Pen Down

Syntax - Pendown

Example - Pendown or PD

5) Left turn

Syntax - LEFT

Example - Left 90 or LT 90

6) Right turn

Syntax - Right

Example - Right 90 or RT 90

Step 6: Combination of Commands

Combine the command with spaces execute command one by one.

Syntax -

Example PD Forward 100 rt 90 forward 100 pu

like wise you type n number of commands and click send.

Step 7: Turtle Logo Repeat Code

Repeat is the command like for command in other programming. Repeat command teached for 4 th or 5th grade students. In our program i try up to 10 repeats in one command and found ok.

Syntax for repeat command

Repeat [ List of commands]

Example - To draw a square

Repeat 4 [ FD 200 rt 90]

To Draw Ladder

Repeat 8 [FD 100 RT 90 FD 100 LT 90]

Once a command is send step by step each action is done by received a reply from bot at that time command box disabled. After complete last command a special character received from Bot. After received the character command box enabled to write next command.

Now the class is completed and now the students are want to relax. So we have two more modes in the program.

Step 8: Other Modes for Windows

1) on the top right side of the form you see two arrows one to go to previous mode and another to go to next mode.

2) Double click any one arrows and it end mode change command to bot and when reply received a message box "Mode Change" display

3) Remote Control Mode

Use mouse to click the button to move the bot. click the up and down arrow in the right side to change pen up and down.


Use Key board keys left, right, up and down to move and rotate. By press combination keys to move and turn.

Use Pageup and Pagedown button in keyboard to change pen status up and down.

4) Drawing mode

Use mouse or hand to draw line drawing in the drawing area, then click draw to draw the image by bot in the paper. You also able to save the drawing and reload it again. Detailed about how to program for drawing robot and construction in my other instructables Trash Built BT Line Drawing-Bot.

Step 9: Android App

Bonus to that a android app is attached here to control the bot same like remote control mode in PC. But in arduino mode you have joy stick in spite of button.

Step 10: Fun for Kids Arduino Joy Stick

1) After install the app in the mobile you found My Bot in the screen.

2) Before open the app switch on the buetooth in the mobile.

3) Now open the app and click pick bluetooth and select the HC-05 to connect. Now a button shows "Mode 1". Click the button and change the mode of the bot to 1.

4) Now You found a joy stick and a up down button.

5) Up and down button used to up and down the pen.

6) Joy stick used to move the bot in any direction.

Step 11: Fun and Learn

Now students learn the Turtle logo code in funny way. And also two other modes to play.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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    2 months ago

    I have a similar project but i only need to control the bot to move by drawing line in mobile app if you could explain that point please


    Reply 2 months ago

    Yes you can do it. Just see the below project i attached you follow that project and just change the cordinates from mobile app and move accordingly. If you want to make a perfect bot for drawing you must use magnum wheels. In normal wheels you cant move in all directions immediately so for free hand drawing you want magnum wheels. If you draw vector drawing you can use normal wheels.


    11 months ago

    Very nice project! Do you think it is possible to use a esp32 and do it by sending cordinates over wifi?


    Reply 11 months ago

    Yeah sure you can. Now a days its very easy to make this project due to 3d printer. Try it.


    3 years ago on Step 11

    It's a cool project.

    Do you think a Sine wave would be doable?