Introduction: Living Rocks in a Pot

I wanted to create something different to showcase in my room and then I stumbled upon something new to my eyes. I saw a project that repurposed rocks into aesthetically pleasing art. A simple do it your self-project that is low budget and can be made with common house materials. Friendly to those who are not experienced in growing and maintaining plants and expansive potential for creativity, this project brings a different type of life to a room.


Rocks (flat large smooth stones were used in this project)

Clay pot (4-inch)

Pot filling (small variety pebbles were used to fill up the pot)

Paints (acrylic was used)

Paint brushes

Step 1: Decide a Theme

The first step is to know your goal and what you want to create. For this project I wanted to bring a desert feel and vibes to my room.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

For this step, you want to have your materials set up so they are ready to be used.

Step 3: Fill Up Your Pot

We want to fill up the pot just like a plant needs soil in the pot. I used small pebbles to fill up the pot. For my desert theme these small pebbles will look well with the painted rocks I want to create.

Step 4: Pick Your Canvas

In this step, you will decide the best canvases for your theme. Flat smooth stones will work perfect to be painted.

Step 5: Add Base Color

Using the acrylic paint and painting brushes, apply your paint and create a base color for your theme. I add variations of green tones to make the color stand out from each other. Apply to all sides of the rock.

Step 6: Add Detail

After the base paint dries, add detail that fits your theme. I am going with a cacti look and added white prickles and thorns to my painted rocks.

Step 7: Arrange Your Rocks

Place your rocks in the pot!

Step 8: Add All Your Rocks to the Pot

Add all the painted rocks to the pot, all of my rocks are arranged in the pot together.

Step 9: Find the Perfect Spot

One of the most important steps, find the best area in your room to display your new living rocks! I choose a tv stand in the living room.

Step 10: Have Fun

Be creative and enjoy yourself, this was my first time using rocks in art and I really enjoyed the outcome.