Introduction: Lizard Keychain

About: "Who are you? Make art. It will help you find the answer." -Unknown

Here is an easy way to get rid of those spare pony beads you just can't get rid of because there some use for them your not thinking about. So let's get started!


Supplies( per lizard)
1 long piece of yarn/string
30 beads of your choice in color ( purple )
18 beads ( white )
2 black beads

Step 1: The Nose

Put the bead in the middle of the yarn and pull the sides of the yarn so its equal.

Step 2: Start the Head

Attach two beads to the side that does not have a needle on it, then loop the needle backwards through the beads.

Step 3: The Neck

Put 2 black beads and 1 purple bead in the middle for eyes, then loop backwards and tighten. Then put 2 purple beads on the strand without the needle, and loop backwards into the 2 beads.

Step 4: The Arms/legs

Attatch 2 purple beads and 3 white beads. For this part only loop backwards with the same string and only through 2 purple beads, skip the white beads.tighten as close to the body as you can.

Step 5: The Body

Look at these pictures and copy the pattern of beads while looping backwards through the yarn

Step 6: The Other Pattern Pictures

You slowly decrease in #s of beads while making a cool white pattern on the back.

Step 7: Legs

Just do the exact same as you did with the other legs

Step 8: The Tail

Carefully attatch the single bead ( six of them )
To the body and tie a knot at the end. Your finished! Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to post pictures if you make this!