Introduction: Locker Coat Hanger Cheap and Easy

About: I am a home builder in Batesville Arkansas

This instructable shows you how to install a coat hanger on the outside of your locker without dammaging the locker.  My wife needed one at work so I came up with the idea and only spent a buck. 

Step 1: Buy

Buy an over the door metal coat hanger.  Make sure it is metal and has a wide top tab like the one in the photo.  I found this one at Dollar Tree, Great store.  That is all I had to buy so I only spent one dollar on the project.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the back of the over the door hook tab off.  Only the back as shown in the photo.  I used a metal cutoff saw for this step but a hack saw will work, you might need to put it in a vice to hold it if you do it this way.  As a safety note always be sure and wear safety glassed when you use power tools.

Step 3: Bend

Bend the remaining part of the tab almost straight, around 22 to 30 degrees will work.  If you do not get it right the first time you can always adjust it later by bending it again. I used a vice to bend it by inserting it and tightining  slowly until I had a bend I liked.  You can also use a hammer.  Which ever method you use be careful and do not break the weld holding the flat part to the hook. 

Step 4: Round and Drill

Next round the sharp edge left by the cut and drill a hole for the bolt.  I used a grinder to round it and a drill press to make the hole.  You might need to start the drill hole with a center punch so the bit stays center, finished metal can be pretty slick. A hand drill will work for the hole but I can not think of another tool other than a grinder to round the edges.  Make the  hole a little bigger than the bolt you use, that way it is easy to slip in when you intall it.  Any size bolt and nut you happen to have will work, as long as it is not too fat or too long.

Step 5: Install

Now just install it by slipping it in the top vent hole in your locker door and put the bolt in the hole in the back.  This was really easy to do it only took me around 5 minutes from start to finish.  I hope this is useful to you.