Introduction: Locking Puzzle Box

( Or puzzing lock box) I wanted to make something like this for a while, and my grandson's birthday was the perfect reason. I put in 3 locks, one holding the inner box. The main box is big enough to hold the inner box and a sock monkey

Step 1: I Used

I used 3/8" plywood about 2'x2', 1/4" dowel, 3/8" dowel, 5/8" dowel, circular saw and drill press

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

I needed an inner box big enough to hold a gift card so I cut 1- 3 1/2"x 3" , 2- 1"x3", 2-1"x4" and glued and clamped them to make a box. I also cut another 3 1/2"x4" for the lid.

For the main box I cut 4-7 3/4"x4" and 2-4 7/8"x5" , glued and nailed the 4 long pieces and 1 end together.

For the sliding tray, I cut 1-4"x7" and 1-3 1/2"x7"

I also cut 2-4 1/4"x6" pieces for the inner tracks, 4-1"x4", 4-1"x5 1/2" for the strapping, 3- 1 1/4" 3/8" dowels for the lock pins and 13- 3/4" 3/8" dowel for the strapping.
The 2 end handles are 3" long 5/8" dowel with holes drilled to hold 3/4" long 3/8" dowel
Since the smallest dowel I have is 1/4", I had to sand it down to approx 1/8" to make pins for the inner box lid

Step 3: Inner Box

After the glue had set, I clamped the lid to the box and drilled 4 holes for the pins. Then glued the pins to the lid.

Step 4: Main Box

I used extra pieces of 3/8" plywood for spacers and glued the tracks in. Be sure they aren't too tight on the spacers or the sliding tray won't slide well. I slid the 2 sliding pieces most of the way into the tracks, lined up the second end to mark where it lines up with the sliders. The reason for the sliders being 2 different widths is because the pins only fit if box is put together properly so I put a small block in one of the slots so the slider only fits one way. Then I glued and clamped it. Now try the inner box to see if it will slide smoothly and sand it to fit properly

Step 5: Final Assembly

Once the glue is all dried, slide the inner box in place and wedge it in. Place and clamp the strapping, one at a time, and drill 3/8" holes through them into the box. The locking pin holes will be about 1" deep and the rest of them will be about 5/8" deep. I measured in 2" from the ends and put the short straps on first to make sure the inner box was locked, then just line up the longs straps to them. Glue down the straps that stay and just glue the pins to the straps that hold the locks and set aside so they don't stick to the box at all. Trim any pins that stick out, sand smooth and stain. The stain I used is a 50/50 mix of golden pecan and dark walnut

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