Introduction: Logorr


Logorr is a kinetic installation composed by a model, a video-mapping and a sonic loop.
The erupting volcano leaking its magma as an allegory of the continuous flow of images powered by the internet.

The video gunk composed by a mash-up of motion pictures sampled online slowly oozes on the sides of the pixel pyramid-like volcano.

The stream, projected 360°, slowly shifts from from a hypnotic dazzling to a climaxing visual overdose in a never-ending loop, similarly to an animated gif.

This installation, monument to to the viral and/or disposable trajectory of this mini-pieces, question our relationship with images (#visualboulimia ?) as well as the forms and the places of art.

Light and pixels are claimed as paint and brushes, animated gif as a piece.

The process of sampling/repost as a curatorial act (VJing DJing), and the online wandering as a museum visit.

This work has been displayed at 6B in June 2016, for the Oyé Festival.


Full Captation here :


Making of :

The scultpure has been made using a 3D file created on Google Sketchup and Autodesk 123D Make to convert it into lazercut files.

I then got 250 5mm slices of plywood, glued them on top of each and painted it with latex paint.

The videostream has been created using Adobe After Effect.

The video mapping setup was a Macbook pro runnig MadMapper and 3 Videoprojectors connected through a Matrox Triple Head, so to have a 360° diplay.


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