Introduction: Long Burning Fire Starter

In this Instructable I will show you how to create fire starter that can burn for minutes long. These are small and would be idea to bring camping or keep in your car in case of emergency. As another plus they are very water resistant.

Step 1: Supplies



Plastic bags

Candle wax

Cotton balls


Step 2: Reduce the Wax Size

My chunks of wax were rather large so for easier melting I crushed them up. Simply do this by putting them in a plastic bag and hitting it with a hammer. Do this until the desired size is reached. (Note: You may want to double up bags the may break. Try to get out all air possible to keep the bag from popping.)

Step 3: Melting

Put your chunks of wax into a bowl you don't care about and cover it with a paper towel. Put it into the microwave and start it mine took about 8 minutes for a bit more than a cup. Yours will vary depending on type and amount of wax. Keep microwaving until the wax becomes completely melted. (Note: You can use any method to melt your wax such as stove or oven.

Step 4: Flatten Cotton Balls

Simply stretch out and flatten your cotton balls until they look like so.

Step 5: Soaking Cotton Balls

Gently soak the sides of the cotton balls but don't saturate the balls. Then set them on wax paper to dry.

Step 6: Use

Crack open the outer wax casing and fluff out some cotton to light. They started very easily with flint and steel. It burned for about 11 and a half minutes.

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