Introduction: Oat Container Camera Obscura

The camera obscura is one of the oldest an most important concepts of photography. The concept of the camera obscura is that the light will follow a straight line as depicted in the image, because it follows this line it will result in what you're looking at being upside down and backwards. A larger hole will result in a brighter and easier to see image while a small hole will result a dimmer image but it will be more defined. That is enough about how it works so lets get into building it.

Step 1: Materials & Supplies

This is a very simple project and requires few supplies and materials and they are as follows.

Materials: Large 42 oz. Quaker oats container and clear gallon sized Ziploc bag.

Supplies: Scissors, sewing needle, or for a bigger hole a knitting needle.

Step 2: The Hole

On the bottom of the container simply find about the center and push through the pin.

Step 3: Looking Drum

Prepping The Bag: Cut just underneath the words on the bag leaving a large open pouch. Next cut along the sides of the bag so that you can open it up all of the way.

Fixing the bag: Stretch the bag over the top of the container and the tape it down while making sure that the bag stays tense.

Step 4: Testing

With only the pin you must go to a dark room to see the image well. Hold a light in front of the pin hole and an image of it will be projected on the plastic bag.

Step 5: A Larger Hole

As to produce a brighter picture I used a knitting needle to make my preexisting hole larger. In doing this it created a noticeably easy er to see picture and it can be used in brighter rooms.

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