Introduction: Long Exposure Shots on Iphone

Everyone has to love long exposure photography. It is just the way the light trails look makes it so interesting. Well my good friends I will give you a complete guide on how to shoot long exposure photographs on your iPhone!

Step 1: Download the Slow Shutter Cam App

First you do need to download an app that does cost money ($3) but, it is completely worth it. This app will do all of the work for us. I am not affiliated to this app in anyway.

Step 2: Inside the App

Once you open the app you will see what your camera is seeing. In the bottom right corner there is a circle shutter shape. Click on that and it will open a menu with three selections. Click on the light trail selection and then select the amount of time you want your shutter to be open. Then click the camera button!

Step 3: Now Your Shooting

I personally shot these my self. I recommend a tripod while shooting. These long exposure shots are not very good but they do get the point across. Thanks for viewing and don't forget to vote of me

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