Long Range IR Proximity Sensor

Introduction: Long Range IR Proximity Sensor

Infrared sensors are the best Module for object detection but the problem is it works for very short range. in this article, we are going to share how you can increase the range and what factors affect the range.

Step 1: Materials

IR LEDs x 2

IR Photoresistor x 2

BC548 transistor x 1

150-ohm x 2

4.5k ohm x 1

10K ohm x 1

PCB x 1

soldering iron x 1

Soldering wires x 1

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

In the circuit instead of 10K ohm resistor, you can use a LED for the indication.

Note:- we are using 2 IR Led's which increase the range.

we are using transistors because ower task is to cover maximum distance. we can also use dual-opamp with the potentiometer to vary the distance but that is the call for another post.

Step 3: Working of IR Sensor

The transmitter emits the IR light and this light hit the object and reflects back. This reflection is sensed by the receiver.

The IR sensors work for short-range the maximum distance in which it works properly is approx 30-50cm. To increase this range we are adding one more transmitter IR led. The main aim is to emit more light so the reflection is more. This works for me with the help of 2 IR transmitter. I am getting more stable output and range is increased by 30 extra cm.

Remember to use high-quality components, some cheap quality components are available but they don't work properly. I spend many days then I realize that. I have a trusted source from where I buy all component.

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