Introduction: Long Range Paper Airplane

Step by step instructions on how to make an amazing paper airplane!


1 sheet of printer paper, pencil, ruler

Step 1: Get Paper

Find a sheet of regular printer paper

Step 2: 1st Fold

Fold the paper horizontally. Fold twice in both directions to create an even crease.

Step 3: 2nd Fold

Fold vertically this time. Fold both sides as the previous step to create a good crease.

Step 4: 3rd Fold

Keep the horizontal fold folded. Bring the top right and left corners of the paper to meet the horizontal fold. Be sure that the left and right corners meet together at the same point in the middle.

Step 5: 4th Fold

Bring the top right and left corners to the middle horizontal fold. Again ensure that both folds are as symmetrical as possible.

Step 6: Fold 5

Turn the paper over. Bring the top point down to meet the bottom edge of the paper. Make sure the point meets the bottom edge in a way that keeps the right and left side symmetrical.

Step 7: Fold 6

Fold the paper over, and fold the top left and right corners towards the middle fold. Be sure both folds are symmetrical.

Step 8: Fold 7

Flip the paper over. Fold the inner point upwards, making sure the bottom of the new point is parallel to the bottom of the paper.

Step 9: Fold 8

Flip the paper over, and fold the left side over to the right side.

Step 10: Fold 9

Fold both wings inward so that both corners of the nose meet each other.

Step 11: Fold 10

Measure 6cm from the butt of the plane and mark it. Then fold the bottom right corner of the butt of the plane so that the end of the fold is at the 6cm mark. Flip the plane over and repeat this process.

Step 12: Fold 11

Flip the plane topside and you should be able to see a triangular fold at the butt of the plane. Fold this triangle towards the wing.

Step 13: Fold 12

Fold the plane as it was it fold 9. Measure a 2in mark from the bottom of the plane. Do this for both wings and fold at the line so that the edge is parallel to the bottom of the plane.

Step 14: Final Step

If you completed all the folds correctly you should have the final result! Test the plane with a flight! Remember to hold the plane at the beginning of the point of the triangular fold made on fold 11.