Introduction: Longboard From Scrap Wood

I wanted to find a small project that I can do together with my son he loves to skate and has couple of skate boards but he did not have a longboard. We decided to build one from scrap wood that I had left from other projects. He already had a truck and wheels from older skate board that he did not use any more the only thing we needed to buy was the grip tape.


- Wood

- Wood glue

- Longboard truck with wheels

- Grip tape

- Longboard template

Step 1: Find a Template

Firs we were looking for a template on the internet, we were looking for different designs but we decided to go with simple and basic longboard. You can see on the picture the template (we made mistake when cutting as you can see the corrections with tape).

Step 2: Glue and Cut

Cut the wood according to the template. In our case we are using three plunks that we glued together with wooden dowels. Use as much clamps as you have so that the bond is strong. Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

When the glue is dry remove the clumps and lay your template on top of the wood. Find the best angle that fits you. We decided to go diagonally so we can miss some defects on the wood. Mark around the template and cut as close to the line with jig saw.

Step 3: Sanding

Use table sander or if you don’t have use anything you have to smooth the lines I was using my jig with belt sender it did a good job.

Step 4: Use a Router

When you are satisfied with the line of your long board use a router to make the edges round

Step 5: First Try

Mark a centre line on the long board so you can position the truck in the middle of the board. Find a place where you thing is the best for the truck but be sure that you are in the centre and murk the holes.

Drill the holes and countersink so that the screws will fit nicely.

Assemble everything and try it.

Step 6: More Sanding

If every ting is ok take it apart and it is time for sanding. We had some small defects on the top of the wood. We used saw dust mixed with wood glue to fill them before sanding

Step 7: Protect Your Wood

When you are satisfied with the sanding use what type of wood varnish you want to protect the wood. Use at least 3 coats and let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 8: Final Step

Now it is time for the final step sticking the grip tape. Do it slowly don’t rush you don’t want any air bubble.

When finished cut the ages and any excess grip tape.

Install the truck and you are done

Step 9: Firs Ride

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