Introduction: Skateboard Rack

The Story

My son has couple of skateboard lying around and one long board that I made (you can see my intractable here: This situation is becoming dangerous because he is leaving them every ware. So I needed to make something to organize them and keep them away so nobody will step on them. I saw some ideas on internet and decided to make my one.


- Wood planks

- Wood glues

- Philips screws


- Jigsaw

- Orbit sander

- Table saw

- Router

- Screwdriver

- Sending paper

- Drill press

- Carpenter angle gauge

Step 1:

So after selecting my wood planks I decided to go with slots for six skateboards final dimensions are 17cm x 83 cm

Step 2:

I used carpenter angle gauge to copy the same angle for all slots. Slots are 2cm wide. I marked one line 4 cm of the edge that is my guide was the slots ends. As you can see from the markings I made mistake when marking the slots.

Step 3:

After I marked all the slots I used a drill press with 20 mm drill. The center of the hole is on the line and end of the circle on the lines marked. I used tape to hold the planks together so that slots are symmetrical. With wood file I roughly smoothed the inner ages of the slots.

Step 4:

I used my table saw so to make slots for vertical wood plank that will keep them together

Step 5:

Using a round rooter bit I made smut edges. My rooter bits are not so sharp as you can see from the burn marks but it is no problem they disappear with sanding

Step 6:

After everything was sanded it is time to assemble the shelf and test.

Step 7:

I did not like the last slot so I decided to cut it and left with six slots

Step 8:

Final step: protecting the wood.

Step 9:

I added two hooks for hanging a backpack and helmet.

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