Introduction: Longsword Sheath

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So, you've finally got yourself a nice, badass-looking longsword, ready for faithfully serving you in many battles to come.

Time to make an equally awesome sheath!

Step 1: Take Some Measures

For the sheath I've used vegetable-tanned leather, 5 oz thick. As you'll see, you'll not need much!

First of all, take some measures. I've cut two small strips from scrap leather for measuring the width of the piece to cut. Some use strips paper for this part, using the same leather the actual sheath will be made of yields best results!

Step 2: Prepare the Leather

Time to dye the leather! There are a lot of 'ibles if you need a whole guide.

My TL;DR version is:

  • dilute the dye abundantly (you can always put some more later; better work some time more, than risk ruining the leather)
  • be patient (small strokes, I work better with a disposable paint brush)
  • let it dry completely before continuing!

Now soak it in water, and start making the stitching holes. Keep a line 1 cm from the leather border, and a distance between them of 1 cm (for this I work better with the soaked leather since it's easier to cut).

Step 3: Stitching

With the sheath still soaked (as it will be easier to give it its final form), let's start the stitching!

Take an heavy duty thread, preferably the waxed ones specific for leather, and two big needles.

The pattern is actually really easy to follow: dotted lines is for the interior, and solid lines for the exterior.

Remember to put in your sword from time to time to check if it's going well (wiping it after each time from eventual moisture).

Step 4: Decorations

Time to add some nice decorations!

Prepare two small belts as decorations, approximately 10 cm long, enough to ring the sheat.

Take a square part of leather, dye it, and put some eyelets!

Step 5: Getting Closer!

Now we'll make the belt carrier. Take a piece of leather as in the first image, and close the first part with rivets.

Take the small belts and the square piece made in the previous step, and attach them to it.

Fasten the small belts, take a leather string and put it through the eyelets.

Phew, we're almost done!

Step 6: Final Touches

Put some piece of leather to reinforce the tip of the sheat.

Just for information, I've bought my sword from, which personally I highly recommend ;)

Step 7: You're Done!

Put some linen and leather clothes and go show the world your new awesome longsword!