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Introduction: Loom Camera

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This is a very cute charm that is perfect for any photographer or loomer! I made it on behalf of my friend 103366, who has made looming instructables that are very unique! Check out her profile! So thank you 103366! If you have a habit of taking selfies, just take them on this! I hope you like it=).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this charm, you will need:
•Black, Red, and Clear Bands
•Any Moveable Loom
•Loom Pick or Crochet Needle

Step 2: Double Bands

During this project, you will be using double bands unless directed differently. Follow the pictures!

Step 3: Go Down Five Times

Go five down using double bands on each side.

Step 4: Down in the Middle and the Bottom

Go down five times in the middle. To close off your camera, follow the pictures.

Step 5: the Lens

For the lens, take three clear bands and wrap it around your loom pick 2-3 times. Three times makes your lens tighter, and two times will make it looser. I did it three times.

Step 6: Cap Band

Take a single clear band and wrap it around the peg shown 3 times. This acts as the on and off button and allows you to loom!

Step 7: Red Band

Take a single red band and wrap it around your hook 3-4 times. Then slide it onto double black bands and place on your loom as shown.

Step 8: Finishing the Lens

Place single bands as shown in the first picture. Then place your clear bands on the middle peg of the two as shown in the second picture. Go inside of your clear bands and grab the band that goes forward, hooking it forward. Do the same to the band that goes backwards. Then create a slip knot on each side by bringing the bottom layer of each one over itself and pulling tight. For all of you visual people, look at the pictures for help.

Step 9: Starting the Looming Process

Start at the bottom of your camera. Go inside of the clear cap band and grab the first two, which should go to your left. Then go inside again and grab the next two, which will go forward.

Step 10: Loom Some More

Follow the pictures shown above for detail!

Step 11: Loom Up the Left Side

Step 12: Up the Right

Step 13: Move the Lens

While looming the middle, hold the lens to the side with one finger and loom the middle.

Step 14: Loom Up the Middle

Step 15: Loom the Top As Shown

Step 16: Slip Knot

Now take a single band a create a slip knot at the top of your loom as shown. This acts as your wrist band on a real camera and holds your camera together.

Step 17: Your... Camera?

When you take your camera off of your loom, it will look very messy. It's time to tidy it up!

Step 18: Pulling the Lens Tight

Find the bands that your lens is on and pull them tight, stuffing the through the camera. Loom at the pictures for details.

Step 19: Say Cheese!

Now you have a really cute camera! Keep leaving me suggestions and enjoy your new charm!

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    Yes, I will make a cat tutorial and a fruit tutorial=)


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    So cute!! Could you possibly make a cat charm tutorial? Thanks! ;)