Introduction: Loom Knit Gryffindor Scarf

Materials and Tools
36 peg rectangular knitting loom
red and yellow yarn
yarn needle
crochet hook

This scarf is incredibly simple to make. There are a few little fidgety things, but it is mostly just basic repetition. This is a great project for keeping your hands busy while listening to an audio book or watching television.

Step 1: Anchor With a Slipknot

Tie a slipknot in the end of the red yarn.

Put the slipknot loop onto the anchor peg on the left end of the loom, and pull it tight enough to keep it in place.

Step 2: Cast On

Pull the working yarn, as opposed to the bit hanging off of the anchor peg, downward between the first and second pegs on the top (near) row.

Wrap the yarn clockwise so that it goes around the peg once, then pull it up between the second and third pegs on the top (far) row.

Wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the second peg on the top row, then pull it down between the third and fourth pegs on the bottom row.

Continue wrapping every other top peg counter-clockwise and every other bottom peg clockwise until you get to the right-hand end of the loom.

Step 3: Turn Around

After wrapping the very last peg on the the top row, pull the yarn straight down between the two last pegs on the bottom row.

Wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the last peg on the bottom row.

Pull the yarn up and wrap it clockwise around the last peg on the top row that does not have yarn on it.

Continue wrapping clockwise on the top and counter-clockwise on the bottom until you get to the left-hand end of the loom.

This completes a single row.

Step 4: Push Down

Pull the yarn straight down between the first and second pegs on the bottom row.

Push all of the yarn down the pegs.

Step 5: Second Row

Wrap the yarn clockwise around the first bottom peg.

Cast on a full row so that you have two rows on the pegs.

Step 6: Cast Off

Hold the working yarn under the loom with your thumb.

Pull the lower loop from the peg outward, then lift it up over the upper loop and the peg. Repeat this on every peg.

Rather than turning the loom around to get to the top pegs, just rock the loom so the pegs point at you and work "upside-down."

Step 7: Tie the Loose Bit

Once you have enough rows knitted for your work to stick out of the loom, untie the slipknot from the anchor peg.

Tie the "tail" to the corner of your knitting with a knot, and then just leave it.

Step 8: Change Colors

Knit a total of fifteen rows, then cut the yarn, leaving a few inches.

Tie the yellow yarn to the end of red yarn that is on the loom, making the knot as close to the center of the space between the two first pegs as possible.

Lay the loose ends of both the red and yellow yarns flat across the stitching.

Continue creating rows as before, working over the loose ends so that they become woven into the piece.

Create thirteen "panels" of fifteen rows each.

Cut the yarn from the ball, leaving a few inches hanging from the knitting.

Step 9: Bind Off

Push the crochet hook through the loop on the last top peg, coming from the underside of the peg.

Pull the loop off of the peg, but keep it on the crochet hook.

Push the crochet hook through the loop on the last bottom peg in the same way as with the top one.

Pull the loop off of the peg so that you have the first loop you pulled off and the second loop you pulled off.

Pull the first loop over the second loop, and off of the crochet hook.

Move to the next available top peg with a loop and repeat the process.

Keep doing this, repeating top and bottom, until you just have the very final loop on you crochet hook.

Step 10: Secure the End

Wrap the loose end of the yarn that you cut from the ball around the hook, then pull it though the loop that was already on the hook, leaving a new loop on the hook..

Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull it through again.

This time, just pull the end all the way though, and pull it tight.

Step 11: Hide the Tail

Thread the ends of yarn through a large needle, then pass the needle through the edge of the knitting.

Take the needle all the way through the width of the scarf, then take the needle off of the yarn, leaving the scarf with no visible tail.

Step 12: Bind the Starting Edge

The end of the scarf that was the very first row has fairly loose stitches.

Pass the crochet hook through the leftmost loop, and grab the loop just to the right of it with the end of the hook.

Pull the second loop through the first and leave the second loop on the hook.

Grab the third loop, and repeat until you get to the other end of the row.

Pull the loose strands through the last loop, then tug at the edges of the scarf to make it the correct width again.

Tie off the loose end using the same method you used on the other end of the scarf.

Hide the tail in the same way as before.

Step 13: Add Fringe

Cut 72 12-inch pieces of red yarn and 56 12-inch pieces of yellow yarn.

Pass the crochet hook through the knitting between the first and second column of v-shaped stitches, just past the end of the scarf.

Use the hook to pull a piece of red yarn half way through the scarf.

Do this between every column, alternating red and yellow so that you have nine red and seven yellow.

Center three pieces of red yarn over the center of the first piece you pulled through the scarf.

Tie the yarn that goes through the scarf in a very tight square knot around the three loose pieces.

Repeat this with every piece that goes through the scarf, matching the colors.

Once you have done all of the fringe at both ends, trim it so that the pieces are all about five inches long.
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