Introduction: Loopless Band

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Welcome one and all to my very 1st Instructable! Yeay, go me! :)
Alright, enough of that, let's get to it. This will be among the easyest... easist... *whatever* 'ibles EVER.

Step 1: Loopless Band

Sitting on the curb one day cleaning the smooge from the creases of my watch, I noticed the little loop that held the excess bit of band left over from the buckle was missing. At the time, I didn't realize I was sitting by a storm drain... Okay, I see you know where this is going.

Step 2: Elastic

I had just bought a couple new tubes for my bike, so I took a tube out of its box, removed the elastic, then put the tube back in the box. What did I do with the elastic? Look at the next step and see!

Step 3: Getting Tricky

Well, looky here! I placed the elastic around the buckle side of the band. Do Not place it on the non-buckle side, you will only have to remove it right away when you realize 'hmm, this doesn't seem to be working, blast him, i'm gonna give him what for', and I don't want to hear it. So buckle side, please. Thank you. Moving on...

Step 4: Almost Done...

Depending on the size of your elastic, you may have to do more than one twist-then-loop-over-the-buckle on your band. Bike tube elastics are rather small, so only needed one twist.

Step 5: Done! Yesss!

Now you have a replacement for your lost watchband loop, and my 1st 'ible is complete. Feel free to comment. Or not. Next time, I'll do something that might actually take a smidgen of thought! :) Bye now, and thanks for your time :)