Introduction: Losing Weight and How Much You Lose Per Mile

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I've been doing a little surfing and realised that alot of people really want to lose weight as fast and as healthy as possible so i decided to search for the perfect solution to help those in need and give them a handy tip.

Ok so you want to lose weight but u want to lose it fast well first you need to find out how much weight you lose if you walk a mile. (Seriously)

so either grab a calculator or use Google.

Step 1: Calories You Burn Per Mile

WEIGHT IN POUNDS      X     2   /    3.5Calories Per Mile

If you only know your WEIGHT in STONE then MULTIPLY it by 14

there are 14LBS in 1ST

Heres an example of how to use the equation above

224 x 2 / 3.5 = 128

Step 2: How Many Miles It Would Take to Lose 1lb in Weight

Okay so now you know how to find out how many Calories you burn per mile so now we need to figure out how many miles you would need to walk in order to lose 1lb in weight.

this is a simple division but a lot of people don't know how many calories are in 1 pound.

if you want to find this out yourself then google "how many calories in pound" normaly find it on the first link. but for the sake of this instructable there are 3500 Kcal in 1 LB of weight.

so now we need to

DIVIDE 3 500 by The amount of calories you lose per mile

remember the last step were i showed you this example ( 224 x 2 /3.5 = 128 )

well this time were going to take the total and divide it by 3500

3 500 / 128 = 27.34375

Step 3: Now We Know

Now we know how many miles a person weight 224lbs would have to walk in order to lose 1lb in weight.

But this doesn't include (Eating, Reading, Sleeping, Writing, Playing: games online or outside) and many more things because anything involved in Using your brain or moving your body burns calories.

Also Even 15 min jogs, 30 min power walk each day will increase the amount of calories you burn think of it this way

If a male weighing 224lbd burns 128kcal a mile and it takes 27 miles to burn 1lb of fat off just by walking.

Then think how much he would burn if he power walked 60mins, jogged 30mins or run 15mins a day think of running, jogging and walking as 3 types of gears.

First gear Walking – 27miles for 1lb
Second gear Jogging – 18miles for 1lb
Third gear Running – 9 miles for 1lb
this is just a rough idea of what it would be like

So get on a tredmill, get out in the street and start Getting Fitter and Healthier.

Aslong as you Eat Right and Excercise you can't go wrong

Step 4: Equations

if you copy and paste these into Google ( fill in your weight where required )
you can find out how much you would lose per mile and how many miles it would take or if you prefer how many kilomteres


(WEIGHT IN LBS * 2) / 3.5


3500 / ( (WEIGHT IN LBS * 2) / 3.5)


3500 / ( (WEIGHT IN LBS * 2) / 3.5 ) * 1.609344