Introduction: Love Bird Cupcake Toppers

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Fondant toppers like these can be made ahead of time and allowed to harden then topped when ready. These are the most adorable and fun to make bird toppers. If you try these out tag me on Instagram!

Step 1: Prep and Cut

For the male and female love birds, I used yellow, blue, purple, pink and brown fondant.

Male Bird: Start off by rolling out blue fondant. Use a circle cutter about the size of the cupcake and cut out as many circles as you'd like to make birds. Ex: 3 Birds = 3 Fondant Circles. For the female bird, use pink.

Use an exacto knife (or sharp knife) and make an outline of the bird. The outline should look like a big tear drop with the tail point curved upwards. When you're pleased with the outline, cut out the bird.

Step 2: Wings

Male Bird: Roll a small piece of purple fondant into a ball, then shape into a cone. Using a gumpaste tool with ridges or a fork, swipe across the fondant adding slight pressure. The goal here is to simulate feathers. Paste the fondant piece to the bird using water. Create another slightly smaller feather using the blue fondant, and overlap onto the purple feather.

Female Bird: Exact same instructions as the male bird, but using pink and yellow fondant.

Optional: Using a toothpick or gumpaste tool, outline the belly of the bird.

Step 3: Beak & Tail

To make the beak, cut a small piece of yellow fondant into a triangle and indent with a line down the center. Attach to the bird with water.

For a fluffy tail, go back to the fondant circle and cut out a small triangle. Cut a small notch out of that triangle and attach it to the tail of the bird.

Step 4: Eyes

Roll brown fondant into a thin strand. Shape into a curve and apply with water. Cut two smaller strands and place them onto the end of the eye line for lashes. Roll a small dot of brown fondant into a pupil.

For the female bird, create 3 long lashes and attach to the end of the eye line.

Step 5: Finish

Roll out the yellow fondant and cut out one circle per bird. Place each bird on a yellow round and attach with water.

Roll brown fondant into log and indent with a fork or fondant tool to simulate a tree branch. Place a branch under each bird. Finish by rolling two small balls the same color as the bird and attach onto the branch as feet.

With edible marker, draw small red hearts around the birds.