Introduction: Love Carrots

This is a super healthy snack that gets even picky kids asking for more, and thanking you for serving them vegetables. Plus, it's a way to show love through craftiness.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

1) At least one carrot, but you'll get asked for more, anyway, so you might as well get several carrots out.
2) A carrot peeler
3) A sharp knife. This is my favorite carrot knife. It's a great shape for chopping, and it's long enough to handle a whole carrot.
4) A cutting board

5) Optional: a small container or ziplock bag, so you can save the bits you cut off for stir fry or soup.

Step 2: Prepare the Carrot

Peel the carrot. If the carrot is crooked, cut it into mostly straight sections

Step 3: Cut the Bottom Point

1) With your knife parallel to the carrot, cut off about one quarter of the carrot. If you look at your carrot from the end, you should see it has a flat side.
2) Turn the carrot around so the flat edge is on the bottom, and cut off about a quarter of the carrot again, angling the knife into the cutting board. If you look at your carrot from the end, you should see a point.

Step 4: Rough Cut the Top of the Heart

1) With one flat side of the carrot on the cutting board, and the other flat side on your left, push knife about halfway into carrot. Your knife should be roughly parallel to the flat side on your left.
2) Flip the carrot around so the other flat side us on the cutting board. There should still be a flat side on your left.
3) Finesse your cuts until you can remove a wedge of carrot.

Step 5: Round Out the Heart.

1) With the carrot standing on its end, shave off the points at the top.
2) Similarly, shave off the angles on the sides of the carrot.
If you look at the carrot from the end, you should see a nice heart.

Step 6: Cut the Carrot

Slice the carrot as thick or thin as you want. Think chunks make a great snack, thin shaves make a great garnish. Enjoy!

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