Introduction: Love Potions

Love Potions (AKA Skittles Vodka) are a great gift for your dream girl on Moping Day...I mean Valentine's Day. It took about three days to brew these concoctions so make sure you start early enough. I got the basic recipe from but made a few changes in terms of proportions. 

Step 1: What You'll Need

Solo Cups
Coffee Filters
5-6 Flasks/Bottles - I used 10oz Orangina bottles (great to drink while making this stuff)
5 plastic bottles - I used Gatorade bottles because of the wide mouth and screw top (also great to drink)

2 pounds of Skittles
1.75L of Vodka

Step 2: Sort and Dissolve

Sort out the five different skittle colors from all 2lbs, and put them in your 5 plastic bottles.

Add 12oz (1/5 of the 1.75L bottle) of vodka to each skittles container. Seal the bottles and shake each bottle vigorously every few hours. Takes about 24 hours to dissolve the skittles completely.

Also I would recommend wearing gloves when handling so many skittles and the mixtures as it stains your fingers and took four days to get out.     

Step 3: Filter

Once the skittles have dissolved, a foam is left on the mixtures and must be removed. Use your coffee filters and solo cups to accomplish this as quickly as possible. Wear those gloves!

Originally I tried using paper towels to filter the foam away but it soaked up too much of the vodka and took a really long time. Therefore I switched to the coffee filters, but these still took some time to filter the drink so I had multiple setups going at once. Make sure you only add a little vodka onto the filters at one time because the foam will build up and stop the drink from moving through. Scrap off the foam once it builds up and squeeze any vodka left in the filters into the cup below.

This process took a few hours and requires your attention. 

Step 4: Chill and Serve

Depending on how the process has gone, you will be left with anywhere from 60-70oz of Love Potions. 

Fill up your flasks in any manner you choose, with my leftover liquid that didn't fit in the five 10oz bottles I combined them into a sixth 10oz bottle. Of course you could just have bigger bottles.

Important Note: Putting the drinks in the freezer will cause the drinks to condense so fill the bottles up more than necessary.  

Hopefully one of these potions will cause your Valentine to fall madly in love with you!
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