Introduction: Love Can Be Small: Show Your Love Put in a Small Crochet Heart.

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This is my first own crochet design and I really want to share it.
So, if you are looking for something you can give your valentine, why don't you try this?

Step 1: What Do You Need

just the normal crocheting stuff
- yarn
- crochet needle
- scissors 

Step 2: The Chain

Start with a slip stitch.
Then, make a chain of 12.

Step 3: Shaping a Bit

In the first chain, crochet two single crochets.
For the next 3, one single crochet.
Then we're gonna shape it a bit.
Make sure you have two loops, like usually, BUT instead of pulling the third loop through the first two, leave them on your crochet needle and continue to your next loop. Repeat this untill you have four loops on your crochet needle. Make a fith one and pull it through all four loops. This way you start your heart shape.

Step 4: We Don't Turn Around

For the next three chains, make single crochets.
In the last chain, make single crochets until you have turned around. 
From now on, it's  gonna be a bit about improvisation. I'll tell you what to do but I can't give you the exact numbers, due to difference in needle- and yarnsize.

Step 5: The Point

Make single crochets until you reach the point of the heart.
At the point we're making three single crochets.
After that just continue making single crochets, until you get to where you started.
In that first loop, make two or three single crochets, just do what you think looks best.

Step 6: You Got It?

We're just gonna continue like this:
- increase at the two tops
- decrease at the notch
- increase at the bottom
- single crochet everywhere else
Just keep doing this until you like the result. 

I hope you liked this instructable!
Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
If you've made it, I would love to see a picture of the result.
Good luck making and have a nice day!

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