Introduction: LoveBird CardBoard

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In collaboration with Raspiaudio on their development of the LoveBird (instructables here), we designed a special case that you can made by your own from the plan or with the pre-cut cardboard that you can buy on our website.

In this instructable you will see how to build yourself the case of your LoveBird and decorate it from the models of our creators or directly from your own drawings on the product. Fold, print, paste, integrate electronic components and go to exchange your messages remotely!

Check list for the project :

- Follow the "VALENTINE'S DAY Love Birds : a Box to Send and Receive Telegram Audio Message" instructables

- Get our Cardboard Kit on our website or download the free plan on it to cut it by yourself, juste there

- Get your glue gun close from you

- Be ready to use a normal A4 color printer

Step 1: Remove the Cut Cardboard

Separate the different cardboard parts.

You can use a pen or a pencil to remove the little parts.

Step 2: Fold the Base Part

Step 3: Put the Electronic on the Base Part and Close It

Use your glue gun to fix the two electronic cards assembled at the bottom of the base part.

You need to position it carefully on the mark.

Then take the Motor and the usb cable through the back area.

You can finally take your glue gun again to close the base part with the electronic inside.

Step 4: Printed Personnlisation

If you want you can choose one of the graphics that you already download on our websites and print it on white paper. You can also take the empty one and make the composition you want (family picture, loved one picture, children heroes, ...) then print it.

Then Cut the different parts carefully.

And now you can stick each part on the associated cardboard one.

You can also skip this step 4 and draw directly on the white cardboard.

Step 5: Motor Assembly

Take you Glue Gun again.

Stick the motor in the corresponding hole in the background part

Assemble the motor wheel on it then stick it with the wheel cardboard part.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Fold the back part and put it into the base part.

Then stick the background part to the back part.

Everything done !! Congrats !!

You can start enjoying your love bird and don't hesitate to share the picture of your creation.