Introduction: Low Carb Real Green Eggs and Ham

What you need:

- Three eggs
- 1/3 Whipping Cream
- A Handful of Spinach
- Four to Five Pieces of Bacon
- One Tomato (Diced)
- A Handful of Italian Cheese Blend
- Italian Herbs
- Coconut Oil
- Pink Himalayan Salt

- Frying Pan
- Spatula
- Blender
- Stove
- Oven

* Feeds two.

Step 1: Preparation

Measure out all your ingredients before hand so that you have everything ready at hand. Dice your tomato, fry the bacon strips and then cut them into little bits.

Step 2: Now You're Ready

Heat the oven, on broil. Put the cream, eggs, spinach, a pinch of Italian herbs and Himalayan salt into the blender (preferably a Nutribullet Blender) and blend until spinach is a pulp. Put half a teaspoon of coconut oil into a pan and let it heat up on the stove. Pour the green egg mixture into the pan and let it solidify. Then add the diced tomato, bacon and cheese on the green egg pancake. Now take the pan and put it in the oven for about a minute. Be very careful when removing the pan because it will be hot! Finally, fold the green egg pancake in half, serve and enjoy.

Step 3: Put Your Own Twist on It

You can play around with this recipe. Add different herbs, veg, cheese... Etc. Keep it healthy and low carb though :-)

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