Introduction: Low Cost Aluminum Foundary

One day I went to a party and saw that a hefty amount of aluminum soda cans were being thrown in the trash bin. I wondered and decided to repurpose these cans into small Aluminum "Muffin" Ingots for casting.

***DISCLAIMER*** Liquid aluminum is over 660 Celsius so use all precautionary measures. Long pants/sleeves, resperator, heat gloves, face shield, etc.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Backyard Grill Charcoal Chimney Starter

Unica Stainless Steel Cup (18 oz.)

2 in. x 2 ft. PVC-PW Sch. 40 DWV Pipe

2 in. PVC DWV 90 Degree Hub x Hub Elbow

Style by Revlon 1875 Watt Dryer

Backyard Grill Deluxe Stainless Steel Grilling Tongs

Backyard Grill Briquets, 8.3 lbs

MainStays 12-Cup Cupcake Pan

Masking Tape

All of these items can be found at Home Depot and Walmart for insanely cheap prices.

Step 2: Connect the PVC to the Elbow

If you purchased the right parts. The PVC Pipe should slip right in with the PVC Elbow for a tight lock. After that just slip it in to the opening you created in the perimeter and match up with the center bricks.

Step 3: Create a Safe Brick Perimeter

I had some old bricks lying around the backyard so i used them as a do not cross visual and also if an accident were to occur around the foundary, the bricks would prevent spreading. I put 6" of clearance frome each side of the center bricks and an opening for the pvc pipe to slip in.

Step 4:

Now Tape the cool button down on your Revlon and slip it in to the end of the PVC Pipe away from the brick perimeter.

Step 5: Placing the Foundary Body

Now that you have your brick perimeter set up and the pipe is centered, set bricks to elevate and place the Charcoal Chimney Starter centered with the Bicks and the PVC Elbow.

Step 6: Placing Charcoal

Set down some paper and douse them in charcoal lighter fluid, also coat the charcoal as well. This will ensure that the charcoal will light and burn efficiently.

Step 7: Placing Crucible

Before lighting the fire, place the stainless steel cup (crucible) into the center of the furnace. Place charcoals around the rim of the cup to ensure leveled heating. After everything is set light the charcoal and wait for the charcoal to be at a steady burn.

Step 8: Applying Air

Once the charcoal is at a steady burn, turn the Revlon on to the low setting making sure the cool setting is taped down. Wait 2-5min before adding cans.

Step 9: Smelting and Pouring

Place cans and push down until they are melted. Be sure to scoop up the impurities and slag the cans produce. When you have enough aluminum in the crucible, pick up the crucible with your stainless steel tongs with a firm grip and pour into muffin pan. Be sure to throw the aluminum "muffin" into a bucket of water as it is still very hot when it solidifies.

Step 10: Aluminum Ingot

Now that the aluminum is cooled, you can either show it off or melt a couple cupcakes down for some sand casting projects!

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