Introduction: Low Cost Disinfection Unit for Covid-19 (less Than 12USD)

This is an naive attempt for a low cost disinfection unit. It's pretty easy to make, I do hope people replicate my project and stay safe with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It is amazing that a lamp could clean a surface better than bleach. I tried to explain that to the most skeptical person I know, my ex-girlfriend. And here is my attempt.

Here is a trusted websites that claims that UV-C disable Sars-Covid-2, follow by the amount of energy to disable: (0.5–950 J/cm2) (7 J/cm2)

In this websites claims that the amount of energy disables SARS-COVID-2 is 7 J/cm2

On Osram HNS lamps specification claims that each of their 4W lamp produce only 0.9W of UV-C.

Here is how I calculated the the UV dose:

=(UV_ENERGY* time )/(4 * π*distance^2)

UV_DOSE = 0.9 * 60 / 4 * pi * 0.1

The result is 429 J/m2

About the calculation really suprised me is that the distance is very important. Is really important to keep it closer. I am also not considering the aluminium reflection.


Bill Of Material:

Name , Quantity, Price,

Osram UV-C 4W, 16 BRL (2.99 USD)

Florecent Driver 8W (3.79 USD)

Glue ( I use about 10% of a bottle that cost 2.99 USD)

2 x G4 Connectors, 1 BRL

Timer, 20 BRL(3.74 USD)

Carton Box (Free in the supermarket)

Copper Wire, 0.3 BRL

2 X Brass m4 Screw( 0.2 BRL)

4 m4 bolt, 0.2 BRL

Chicken wire, 1.6 BRL

Step 1: First Glue the Aluminium Foil

First glue the Aluminium Foil to the box

Step 2: Bend the Aluminium Wire

Step 3: Install the Driver

The driver came with a elastic band.

Step 4: Finished!

The idea is to make the cheapest disinfection chamber possible, and using materials that you can find anywhere!

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