Introduction: Power Juicer (Low Rent)

Love key lime pie, lemonade, etc. but don't have the juice to juice 28 key limes for your dessert? Don't have room for the electric bulky juicers? Are you a man's man who also loves to bake? Whatever. This handyman's dream come true is what you want to make.

Step 1:

Juicer and dowel. Pick a 1/4" or a little larger dowel.

Step 2:

Use a coping saw or some other thin bladed saw (jigsaw, etc.) to cut at the base of the juicer just above the hilt of the handle. Use a table vise or pliers to hold it. BE CAREFUL. USE GLOVES. DO NOT DO IT LIKE I DID BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL CHEF AND A PROFESSIONAL AMATEUR HANDYMAN. 

Step 3:

Using vise grips or pliers, gloves and goggles, grind the threads down on four sides of ONE END OF the dowel to form a square or triangle depending on the chuck of the drill you are going to use. DO NOT GRIND DOWN THE OTHER END OF THE DOWEL. You are going to screw that end into the juicer.

Step 4:

Using a bit that is just a bit smaller in diameter than the dowel, drill straight down into the juicer. Use a level if you need to. Go in far enough to accommodate the half length of the dowel. If you do not get this straight in, it will wobble on the drill (which isn't that tragic, it just makes the lime hard to hold). ONCE AGAIN, BE CAREFUL, USE GLOVES AND GOGGLES.  

Step 5:

Screw the threaded end tight into the juicer. If it wobbles on the drill when in place, bend the dowel slightly unlit the wobble is no more.  A good thing to do now is treat the wood with mineral oil a couple times so the wood won't split later on.

Step 6:

It really works! It took me 10 minutes for what usually took 40+ minutes by the stone age method.