Introduction: Low Thermoplastic Finger Splint With Spring

Created by students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee:Occupational therapist and PhD student, Qussai Obiedat from the health and sciences department and Art and Design students from the Digital Craft Research Lab, Fred Kaems, Kaivahn Sarkaratpour and David Kent Watson.

This is for the use of medical trained professionals, specifically in situations where tissue damage has occurred on the top of the hand (top being side with the knuckles). It was designed for a person who was badly burned on the top of his hands, knuckles and fingers. Because of this the skin on that side of the hand is very thin and sensitive. We therefore made a design decision to have the bulk of the material which touched his skin touch the palm and underside of the fingers (See images below).

This is a finger splint with a spring ideal for patiences who can make a fist but are unable to open their hand.

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