Low Calorie Orange Cinnamon Dessert




Introduction: Low Calorie Orange Cinnamon Dessert

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If you wanna make dessert with orange you need to be tricky to play with the flavors because you just cannot jump to any ingredient you don't know.so you have to play safe.if you want a low calorie dessert I think this can meet up your cravings for something sweet but savoury..

Step 1: You'll Need -1 Orange,1 Cinnamon Stick,1 Table Spoon of Raw Honey and 3 Table Spoon of Water

these are all you are gonna need

Step 2: In a Small Pan,just Boil Water,honey and Cinnamon Stick Until They Dissolve and Become Sticky.

If you don't like honey just use 1 table spoon of sugar

Step 3: Now Peel of the White Portion of Orange and Cut Them Into Little Pieces.now Pour the Cinnamon Liquid Over the Orange Pieces and Serve When It Is Cool.thanks for Reading.

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