Introduction: Low Cost Vegetable Cutter

Everyday, women spend about 1.5 hours just to cut vegetables to make curry. Using my $2 prototype, cutting time reduces to just 15 minutes per day!

Maker name : Shivaraju. R
Location: Banjarapalya E4D Makerspace

I live in a rural area outside Bangalore, so I wanted to solve a problem which plagues housewives: Cutting vegetables. Actually, I went to several house and interview housewives regarding the problems they faced in everyday life.

I saw this design being used by a chef just after making my prototype, but it costs a lot: .

Step 1: Sourcing Materials

I sourced these materials from my junkyard, hence I got it for free! I think this would not cost more that $2 to purchase and make.


Knife x8 (I bought one knife for 10 rupees)

Circular plastic container

Circular wood piece

Screw x16

Wood piece


Cutting machine

Hand drilling machine

Marker pen

Screw driver

Step 2: Mark the Circular Wooden Piece

Take circular wooden piece and mark a square of the required length.

Step 3: To Cut the Circular Wood Piece

To cut the circular wood piece by using the cutting machine as 1 cm less than knife length

Step 4: Place the Knife on the Circular Wooden Piece

Take the circular wooden piece and cut the notches as shown in the image ( I cut around 1 cm ).

Take 4 small wooden pieces and put 2 horizontally and 2 vertically.

Place the end of the knife so that it fits in the notch.

Fix the 4 wooden pieces on the base circular wooden piece by the help of 2 screws per piece.

Fix the screws in the small wooden pieces using a hand-drill or a power drill.

Step 5: Take a Plastic Container

Take a plastic container which has adequate diameter to fit the circular wooden piece tightly and cut the end of the plastic container like half circular.

Step 6: Final Step to Make the Vegetable Cutting Machine

Place the circular wooden piece inside the circular plastic container so that it fits tightly.

Finally your vegetable cutting machine ready to use!

Step 7: Use It!

Put some vegetables in side the newly made cutting machine and push it through the knife edge using a big spoon or smasher tool.

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