Lunchbox Chicken Coop Heater




Introduction: Lunchbox Chicken Coop Heater

A cheap, easy heater for small chicken coops.

Step 1: Ingredients:

I used a $2 lunchbox from the local cheap junk /dollar store, and a HEMMA light from IKEA. I also purchased a Thermocube to regulate the temperature.

Step 2: Cutting the Hole

Make the hole the same size as the threaded portion of the HEMMA light base. I didn't have a regular hole saw small enough to make the circle. I briefly considered using metal snips, but decided to go with my "dial saw" to at least make the circle. It's really a wood cutting tool. Had I been a bit smarter, I would have clamped a bit of wood behind the metal, as it's very thin and easily deformed.

Step 3: First Aid

Trying to pull that last bit of the cut out piece of metal off the lunchbox turned out to be ill advised. After applying light pressure and letting my dog lick the blood off, I grabbed the metal snips and removed the hanging chad.

Step 4: Assembly

Now I pushed the threaded piece of the lamp through the hole, and screwed the provided flange over it. This sandwiches the metal between the 2 plastic flanges of the lamp. Next, one could insert the incandescent light bulb of choice, being sure that they touched no walls of the box. Since my wife has low wattage bulbs for her Scentsy business, I used an adapter and a 25 watt bulb. If it doesn't seem to be enough, I'll up size it.

Step 5: Fin

Close it, latch it, and set it in your coop. I'm going to put mine under the roost, plugged into my Thermocube (available @

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great idea. I made the same thing but used a paint can instead. I'm glad I had it when the temp got down into the single digits. I wish I knew what the temp was inside the coop with the added heat on a few of those bone chilling nights. I guess I'll have to add a thermometer next winter! Thanks for sharing!

    Was just talking with my partner on the 1 2's of heating our coop...this i a great idea and cost efficient! Thanks for sharing!

    What lucky chickens, they get to stay warm and get an awesome looking heater! Thanks for sharing!