Introduction: LuxO's Super EZ Half Moon Shelf

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luxO's Super EZ Half Moon Shelf was inspired by my wife when she said, "I want a shelf right here, so it fits under the windows, make something". I literally went to the shop, threw together a Sketchup of it, cut it out, took it home and assembled it. After we got it together she decided to add another shelf, I redesigned and cut it, and within 3 hours she had gone from wanting it to having it.

This final version uses no dowels but I left the dowel fixtures in the top piece, just in case you want to drill out the holes and add them. This shelf is easy to modify, cut and put together

Step 1: CNC Cuts and Wood Finishing

This Instructable assumes that you have access to a CNC machine to cut out the pieces needed. The DXF files as well as VCarve and Sketchup files are available for free download here

You will need:

- (1.25) 1220mm x 2440mm Ply board (cabinet grade or better) 18mm thick (that's a 4'x8' 3/4") You can get most of it on one board but then you need a little extra for one of the legs unless you re-size it to a smaller size.

You may also want to finish the wood with stain so you may want to find one you like and also pick up:

-Rubber gloves

-150 grit sandpaper

-400 grit sandpaper

-mixing cup, and

-stain cloth

This Instructable will not detail how to do the edge banding, I assume if you want to go that extra mile and get walnut veneer board and edge band it, you will probably know how to do it waaaay better than me. Download the files and cut the pieces out

Step 2: Slide Super EZ Shelves Into Place

Lay out your two vertical shelf braces (the side pieces) and line up the notch on the shelf brace with the notch on the rounded shelf piece. Slide the pieces together until the shelf is flush with the shelf brace. Repeat with the other vertical brace; now your shelf should be standing on its back, like in these pictures.

Step 3: Tap Top Shelf Gently Into Place

The top shelf piece has a smooth top and a cut-out slot on the bottom. Just line up the slot with the tab on the top of the shelf braces and tap the top into place until it's flush with the top of the vertical shelf brace.

(You may notice in the picture and the DXF that I do have dowel placements milled out to stabilize the top shelf. The shelf ended up being pretty sturdy on it's own so I left them in case you want to drill and dowel for extra support but I don't think it's necessary really)

That's all there is to it!

Banana for scale