Introduction: M13 Call of Duty Blow Dart Gun

Remember back in the day when you used to play war with PVC blow guns using berries as ammo?

Sticking small PVC pipes together with tape and it was game on!

Not really feeling the same excitement with the Nerf guns or the available ones online, i decided to make one myself. Being a Call of Duty fan i chose the M13 with the custom stock (in order to carry the gun during battle)


- Black tape

-Camouflage tape (either sand or jungle) -Exactoknife - Ruler - 3m of PVC pipe

- Cardboard

Step 1: Step 1 : Building the Gun

1. Draw your rifle/gun on a piece of cardboard.

Measure this to your own scale but i would recommend a total PVC pipe not longer than 1 meter. (3,28 feet)

2. After cutting out the first piece trace around it on another piece of cardboard so you have 2 pieces.

3. Cut remaining pieces of pipe and tape them along the edges of your cardboard rifle/gun.

4. Now place the main pipe and let it stick out 4 cm on the back end of the rifle/gun.

Use the black tape and tape the 2 cardboard frames together. Now use the camouflage tape wherever you want.

(i use self adhesive camouflage stretch tape)

Step 2: Step 2 : Finishing Details ...

I have added a detachable scope using velcro.

Make loads of paper arrows (when playing in teams colorcode the))

Now start the battle with 2 teams setting up base camp with a couple of balloons or a foam target.

Have fun ! and always use glasses to prevent injuries to the eye.