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Hello In This Instructable Learn How To make a Drum Sander at Home Using Local available materials

This Thing Can Be Used To Finish Cardboard Edges For Some Mini Projects

Step 1: Testing Video of Drum Sander Is Here

Step 2: Gathering Materials

  • Empty Paper Glue Container
  • DC Motor
  • Battery Holder
  • Sand Paper

Step 3: Making Tool

  • To Make The Tool I Used The Pulley
  • Sand Paper is Cut as Per The Size
  • Glued Together
  • Tool is ready

Step 4: Motor Holder

  • To Hold The Motor Ive used Empty Container Of Paper Glue
  • A Hole is Made at the Bottom so That Wires can Pass Through And be connected To Battery Holder
  • Motor is Placed inside
  • Coupled using less Hot Glue
  • Tool is Fixed To Motor Shaft

DRUM SANDER IS READY! Thankyou For Reading..Testing Video Is at The Beginning Of Insructable