Introduction: MAKE a WEED EATER / Whacker / Strimmer - on a Budget! (ALSO IN CHINEESIUM) 如何做低預算的割草機

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Got bored one night and smashed together a weed eater in 3 minutes... Here are the details on how to do it, its quite simple.

Got to love instructables... so many cool projects and fun inspirational things on here!! Please take time to click like on instructables, and if you have 3 mins, heres a brief youtube video of how to do it and how effective it is!

Here is a very brief YouTube video of it... welcome to subscribe to my channel of madness...

有一天晚上很無聊,並三分鐘內隨意的拼裝一台割草機, 細節如下,它非常容易。

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Step 1: PARTS LIST & Tools 零件列表&工具


  • OLD Broom handle or stick
  • Motor and bottle-top
  • Washers
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire
  • Switch
  • Lithium Ion batteries
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire cutters
  • Duct tape

Here is a very brief YouTube video of it... welcome to subscribe to my channel of madness...



  • 舊掃帚把手或棍子
  • 馬達和瓶蓋
  • 墊圈
  • 熱溶膠
  • 電線
  • 開關鍵
  • 鋰離子電池
  • 烙鐵
  • 線切割器
  • 膠布


Step 2: Fit Bottle-top to Motor With Hot Glue 使用熱溶膠將瓶蓋安裝於馬達上

Using hot glue, fit the bottle top to the motor so it spins evenly...使用熱溶膠將瓶蓋安裝於馬達上,讓它能平滑地旋轉......

Step 3: Fit the Motor to the Wooden Handle 將馬達安裝到木製把手上

Tape the motor to the broom handle, and fit some strimmer string to the bottle top at opposing directions.將馬達黏在掃帚把手頂端,並且安裝電線至相反位置上的頂端

Step 4: Fit the Batteries to the Wooden Handle 將木製把手上安裝電池

Using tape, fit the batteries to the other end of the wooden handle.使用膠帶將電池黏在另一端的木製把手上

Step 5: Add the Electrical Wire and Test the Unit! 加上電線,然後做測試!

Add the electrical wire, perhaps wrap it around the wooden handle and test the motor spins by connecting the wires to the batteries. Be careful not to hurt yourself! You may wish to fit a press switch so you don't have to hold the cables on the battery terminals!  

BINGO! - You have made the cheapest weed whacker in the world!  

Click the video below to see how it performs cutting grass!!! :-P 

Cost almost nothing!

加上電線,也許將它纏繞在木柄上,然後藉由電線連接到電池上做電機旋轉測試。小心不要傷害到自己! 您或許希望安裝一個按鈕開關,以便您不必將電線固定在電池末端上!