Introduction: MATCHBOX SURVIVAL KIT (not Small)

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i had no room in my altoids tin, so i did this. this is my first and, i think best, instructable lol. please you can ask any questions along the way and i will answer them with my best answer. (sorry for the bad pics lol)

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

i will tag the photo because it is waaaaaay too many items!!

Step 2: Organize Your Bottom Layer

put all your nicer objects on the bottom so when something happens, your nicer things are saved.

Step 3: Add the Top Layer

your papery goods go here so its easier to get all this stuff when you open it!!


now that you have your survival kit, you will be ready for zombies. (and robots) the "caution radioactive material" thingy was something that i had right next to me so i added it to this pic :P