Introduction: How to Hunt for Radioactive Objects in an Antique Store

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DONT BE ALARMED BY THIS i am a nerd who collects this stuff so dont be scared (this is nothing compared to flying in an airplane)

Step 1: The Usual Stuff You Will Find Is Depression Glass

it uses uranium ore to color the stuff and thus it fluoresces bright green LIKE CARTOON RADIATION GREEN

Step 2: Second Thing You May Find Is Fiestware

fiestaware used to use uranium oxide which was highly radioactive. it was a glaze which meant DONT EAT ACIDIC FOODS OR UR GONNA BE RADIOACTIVE. it emits pretty much pure beta with no gamma or alpha but the radiation is detected at about 1.7 to 2 feet away.

Step 3: And If Ur Lucky, Maybe Some RADIUM

radium clocks used radium with activated zinc sulphide which would glow when hit with alpha radiation. that stuff is long since gone but with radium-226 lasting 1600 years, it will stay radioactive and fluoresce bright green!!! (forgot to upload the pic of only it but with the festaware works too!!)


go to your local antique store and freak out the owners so that you will do them a favor (and yourself)! hope you have fun with all your things (please dont be scared)