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Theres a how-to for this too, but the pictures we're all taken with an iPod. I really don't have a good camera, so I'd love to win one. Telepresence Robots are robots which allow you to be somewhere you can't physically be, such as being at school while your sick or being at work while your on vacation. While it is amazing technology, most telepresence robots are in the thousands range. Maya, short for Me And You Anywhere, is here to change that. The entire project can be created for under $250 if you have your own netbook or laptop. Maya has something that most telepresence robots in the thousands range do not: It is easily expanded. Change the webcam, the monitor size, the laptop, or add on an arm. The software, RoboRealm, also allows for easy software upgrades such as object recognition and tracking. How is Maya created so cheap? The base! The base is one of those robotic vacuum cleaners also known as a Roomba. It was picked up from ebay for $50 dollars.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This sounds really cool, but you have some issues with HTML being embedded into your description. I would suggest changing that so it's more readable. Thanks!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, I didn't. Every time I typed and saved, all that code would pop up... But thank you!