Introduction: MCPE Pulse Shortner

Here's how to make a MCPE pulse shortner in the new redstone update
You'll need:
6 redstone dust
1 redstone lamp
2 redstone torches
1 button
10 blocks of choice

Step 1: Blocks

Use your blocks of choice to make a shape like that in the picture

Step 2: Components

Add the redstone components shown in the picture

Step 3: More Blocks

Add 3 more blocks of choice in the position shown by the first picture, leaving 1 block below, as shown in the second picture

Step 4: Dust

Add redstone dust on two of the three blocks just placed, as show in the picture

Step 5: Even More Blocks

Add one block of choice on top of the redstone torch

Step 6: Torch

On the back of the block just placed over the torch, place another torch facing the redstone. The torch should be inactive

Step 7: Button

Add a button on the block below the active torch.

To test the circuit, press the button. The lamp should flicker off briefly